• Committee Name:Youth Service Committees
  • Description:
    9.1   Purpose - To promote increased focus of Rotary on youth from age twelve (12) through young adulthood. Includes Interact at the middle and high school level, youth exchanges, Rotaract for young adult and early career level, and young Rotarians newly introduced to business.  It encompasses international understanding and opportunities to experience international contacts for exchange students or host families, and to imbue ideals of international and community service to others, and transitioning in to business and professional world. This includes club extension in Sec. 8. .   
    At discretion of DG, a Youth Services Coordinating Committee may be established to assist DG in planning and promoting work of standing committees.  The Youth Services Coordinating Committee includes the Youth Services Coordinator (Chair), Chairs of each Standing Youth Service
    Committee (per section 9.3 below), and Area Youth Advisors.
    9.2   Responsibilities - If appointed, Youth Services Coordinator works under leadership of DG.  The coordinator works with Area Youth Advisors and youth service committees to plan, integrate, implement, and evaluate all district youth activities. Coordinator serves as a member of all four
    committees and should stay informed of work of each committee.  Coordinator shall inform DG of each committee's programs by written reports on 1 January and 30 June.  Area Youth Advisors coordinate Youth Services at the Area Level, working with the Assistant Governors. 
    9.3   Youth Service Committees - Each committee is responsible for its area of  work and is composed of   members, all holding three-year appointments having staggered terms for continuity. 
    • Interact Committee - Provides service through local Interact clubs.  Committee will involve local club chairs and youth representatives of Interact clubs for organizational leadership and program planning. 
    • Rotaract Committee - Facilitates fellowship and community service among young adults through Rotaract clubs. Committee will involve and support local club chairs and Rotaract leaders in organizational leadership and program planning and will encourage and assist district clubs in establishing/sponsoring Rotaract club as a means of service. 
    • International Youth Exchange Committee - Provides youth international exchange contacts and coordination. Committee works through Eastern States Student Exchange (ESSEX) program. Direct contacts for exchanges may also be arranged through district committee. Program includes short-term exchanges and school- year exchanges. 
    • District Student Protection Officer - Serving under leadership of DG, serves on and works with all youth services committees to establish and maintain necessary policies and procedures needed to ensure students are properly protected from inappropriate actions.  
    9.4   Rotary Youth Leadership Seminar & Awards Committee - Provides special leadership training for selected high school students. Committee will plan, publicize, and conduct annual leadership training seminars and coordinate annual Speech Competition. 
  • Responsibilities:If appointed, youth services coordinator works under leadership of DG. The coordinator works with youth service committees to plan, integrate, implement, and evaluate all district youth activities. Coordinator serves as a member of all four committees and should stay informed of work of each committee. Coordinator shall inform DG of each committee's programs by written reports on 1 January and 30 June.
  • Documents:2018-19 Country Selection List.pdf, Rotary Youth Exchange Study Abroad Info.pdf, 2013 Background Check Waiver and Consent Form2.pdf, 2013 Rotary Four Way Test Speech Contest Registration Material, 2013 Rotary Youth Leadership Registration Material, InteractHandbook-08092010-654en.pdf, Rotaract-Contact Information Update 2011-12.pdf, RotaractHandbook-04302008-562en.pdf, Rotary District 7570 Photo Release Form.pdf, YouthExchange-08112008-746en.pdf, Youth Exchange-A Guide For Host Families-11242009-749en.pdf