Governor's Project


  1. Establish Special Committee for Project
  2. Increase awareness of options available in local and international communities to address hunger needs.
  3. Track what projects are already being done.
  5. First year goal $100,000.00 raised to provide 500,000 meals.
Start date July 1, 2019 – End date March 2020, at District Conference.

LOCAL - Food pantry support, churches, holiday baskets, breakfast and after school programs, and food drives.  Using a denominator of 20 cents a meal to calculate the number of meals provided.

REGIONAL - Support for Blue Ridge Food Banks in Verona, Salem, and Kingsport Tennessee.  Denominator of 20 cents a meal.  Many Rotarians are aware of the hundreds of agencies supported by the Regional Food Banks.

INTERNATIONAL - Rise Against Hunger (formally Stop Hunger Now).  Last year our District packed 66,096 meals at .33, this cost includes shipping around the world.  Value $33,000.  This operation is a wonderful opportunity to introduce hands on service projects to students.

Food for the Poor hosts feeding projects in all Caribbean countries.  Many financial matches from other partners are available to multiply the dollars collected.  For example, a container of 40000 pounds of rice may have been donated, Rotary can help supply a huge number of meals by donating dollars for the shipping.

Celebrate totals and Local Efforts at District 7570 Conference 2020.

  • Encourage all Clubs to have a focus on Hunger in their Communities.  As Clubs Continue to provide Local Projects to alleviate Hunger in their area – Committee will collect Club Data.  Clubs record are already doing in pounds of food and dollars donated.
  • Internationally - Use portion of funds to partner with Organizations that provide food to the Hungry.
  • Develop local partnerships with individuals, schools or churches, and other service groups to join the effort to END HUNGER.
DG Tim Carter - Hunger Hurts - Feb 2019 (.docx) DG Hunger form (.docx) 10 Million Meals Challenge Club Toolkit (.pdf)
How to View Information Rotary Club Central (.pdf) How to Record Service Activities in Rotary Club Central (.pdf)