Gold Club Award

Owner: District Governor Elect
GOLD CLUB AWARDS (Tracking Deadline June 30, 2020)

Gold Club Activities provide a path towards a well-managed club centered on our Avenues of Service.   Thank you for accepting the Gold Club Challenge! 

Your District Leadership Team selected the following Mandatory and Elective Activities utilizing Rotary International tools.   We concentrate on the leadership tool “Be a Vibrant Club“, designed to engage new and established members.  We use the management tool “Rotary Club Central” to establish membership engagement, communications and club service objectives and achievements.
Reporting Period
Gold Club Achievement Reporting Period:  July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Achievements Entry
Post Club Achievements in DACdb under the "Clubs"  Left Menu: "Gold Award"  Select: "Activity Entry"

Gold Club:
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