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This page contains those downloads not related to a Committee or Seminar (e.g. PETS, DTTS).

For Committee or Seminar related downloads go to the Committees --> Committees & Seminars page (**click here**).

District Goals

District Goals-2020-21 Goals (.pdf) - Gov Nancy Whitlock
(Also under the What We Do tab)

District 7570 Download Items:


Policies & Procedures Manual

Policies & Procedures Archive

District Manuals


Rotary International Download Items:

To obtain an insurance certificate, go to: 

RI Manuals


Other District Documents

Other District Documents will be stored under the District Committee or Seminar Responsible for them.  Go to the Resources tab and select Committees & Seminars.
e.g. District Finance will be under:  Resources --> Committees & Seminars --> Finance


Most District 7570 Downloads are offered in Adobe Acrobat file format.
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