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Assistant GovernorsDistrictAssistantGovernorsManual-0752011-244en.pdf, Rotary Club Central Reference Guide_DISTRICT_EN.pdf View
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DG Nominating CommitteeDescriptionGov Nomimation.docx View
Directory CommitteeDistrict-Manuals-Locations.jpg View
Disaster Relief Committee View
District CARTCruise for CART-Our-Ports-of-Call- 2 001.jpg, Crusing-For-Cart-180224-180303.pdf, CART_qrcode.png, CART-Brochure-April-2016.pdf, CART-Fast-Facts-May-2016.pdf, Donation Form 75702-161102.doc View
District Conference Advisory Committee View
District Conference Awards Committee View
District Conference Planning CommitteeD7570 - REPORT OF VENUE STUDY March 2012.pdf View
Finance CommitteeD7570 Ops Budget 2017-2018 – APPROVED AT 2017 DLA.pdf, D7570 Ops Budget 2016-17- APPROVED AT 2016 DLA.pdf, Rotary Reimbursement Voucher 022115rev11.doc, DFC-1 Reimbursement Guidelines2.doc, DFC-2 AG Reimbursement Guidelines1.doc, DFC-3 Expense Reimbursement Policy for DG, DGE, DGN2.doc, DFC-4 Modification of Approved Budget3.doc, DFC-5 Utilization of Reserve Funds.doc, DFC-6 Creation of District Reserve Fund.doc, DFC-7 Allowances for DG DGE DGN DGD2.doc, DFC-8 Use of District Reserve Funds1.doc, DFC-9 Guidelines for Remembrances.docx, DFC-10 Exemption from DFC No1 (reimbursement District Committee Chairs)1.docx, D7570 VA sales tax exemption certificate 2016 to 2021.pdf View
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Foundation --> Advocates2017-2018 District 7570 Grant Summary MM.pptx, erey_club_presentation_en.ppt, rotary_grants_presentation_en.pptx View
Foundation --> Annual Giving Subcommittee View
Foundation --> Endowments SubcommitteeSkelton Donation Form-Revised-170811.pdf, Skelton Endowment Brochure Final-r2.pdf, Skelton Jones Scholarships Brochure Feb 2017.pdf, Skelton-Jones Scholarship 2017 Application form_5.pdf, -------------- Bill Skelton and Reid Jones History Files -------------- , Osterlund July 7 2005.pdf, Policies and Proceedures Skelton Jones Endowments Dec 4 2002.pdf, Reid Jones Endowment June 2004.pdf, Skelton Endowment June 2004.pdf, Skelton Jan 30 2006.pdf, Skelton Nov 27 2002.pdf, Skelton Will Letter 2009.pdf View
Foundation --> Grants SubcommitteeD7570 Grants Management Seminar 2013 Sept 13.pptx, GMW 2015.pdf, Skelton Jones Timeline.pdf View
Foundation --> Paul Harris Society Subcommittee View
Foundation --> Planned Giving/Significant Gifts Subcommittee View
Foundation --> PolioPlus Subcommittee View
Foundation --> Scholarships Subcommittee View
Foundation --> Stewardship Subcommittee View
Friendship Exchange Committee View
Gold Club Achievement Award CommitteeDistrict 7570 Gold Club 2017-18 Criteria.xls View
Group Study / Cultural Exchange CommitteeGSE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 2017-181.doc, GSE Handbook-170424.doc, Biographical Data Form.doc, Certification of Insurance for GSE Team Members and Team Leader.doc, GSE Team Leader Application Word document.docx, GSE Team Member Application.docx, Medical Certificate for GSE Team Members and Team Leader.doc, GSE Program Guide for host districts 165en.pdf, GSE Team Manual 164en.pdf View
History and Archives CommitteeForm for Club History-rev2.docx View
Information Technology Committee View
Legislative Assembly Committee View
Membership Development and Retention CommitteeExample Club Handbook View
NewGen Peacebuilders Committee View
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Operations CommitteeD7570 Policy & Procedures Manual.txt View
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Training - DTTS 2017-DTTS-2017-Welcome-Banner.jpg, -The-Governors-2017-18-19.jpg, 2017-2018-RI-President-Ian-Riseley.jpg, 2017-2018-RI-President-Ian-Riseley-2017.jpg, 2017-2018-RI-Theme-2017-2018-Ian-Riseley.jpg, 2017-2018-RI-Theme-T1718EN_PMS-C.jpg, 2017-2018-RI-Theme-T1718EN_PMS-C-Transparent-Background.png, 2017_PPT_Master.ppt, 1 - MAP_InnVT-SkeltonConferenceCenter.pdf, 2 - DTTS 2017 Agenda4.pdf, 3 - DTTS Meal Notice2.pdf, 4 - Pre-PETS Agenda & Goals.pdf, 5 - CTT Training Tracks w course descriptions.pdf, 6 - DG_AG_DCC List - 2017-18.pdf, 7 - D7570 Leadership & Service Plan - 2017_18.pdf, 8 - District 7570 Gold Club 2017-18 Criteria_Electives.pdf, 8 - District 7570 Gold Club 2017-18 Criteria_Mandatory.pdf, 9 - Presidential-Theme-and-Citation-2017-18-theme_citation_brochure-900en.pdf, District 7570 - Using Slack for Effective Teamwork.pdf, Alex Wilkins-8_Foundation Support_Planned Giving_MD_Bequest Society_Alex Wilkins.ppt, Alex Wilkins-16_Foundation Support - Paul Harris Society_Alex Wilkins.ppt, Alex Wilkins-Foundation Support_Planned Giving_MD_Bequest Society_Alex Wilkins.ppt, Ambre Torbett-2017 DTTS Interact Committee slides - Torbett.ppt, Andy Vanhook-Conference 2017 Saturday Menus - 01-23-171.pdf, Andy Vanhook-Conference Speakers REVISED 12-9-16.doc, Assaad Mounzer-2017_PPT_NewGen1.ppt.pptx, Barbara Newton-2017_PPT_newsletter.ppt, Bob-Keely-Strategic Planning Presentation 2-1-2017.ppt, Byron-Brill-CaribbeanPartnership.ppt, Case Pieterman-RFE DTTS 2017_PPT_presentation.pptm, Dana-Guthrie-5 - Foundation Support - Annual Fund (Dana).ppt, Dana-Guthrie--27 - District Awards.ppt, Dana-Guthrie-24 - District Awards (Lori).ppt, Dick Ray-Rotaractor_recorders_1702.xlsx, Dick Ray-2017_PPT_Master_FoundationBanquet RRayMod.pptx, Doug McAlister-2017_DTTS Presentation - Doug McAlister.ppt, George Karnes-13423852_10153889703865756_7045187763866797320_n1.jpg, Janice Wilkins-25_District Special Projects - CART_Janice Wilkins.ppt, Jennifer Meade-1 - E-Learning Recording Schedule to presenters.pdf, Jim Hall-16 Club Extension & Satellite Clubs ( Jim Hall).ppt, Jim Ridenour-23 - Budget_ AG_ Allowance (Jim).ppt, Leslie Blevins-PublicImage.ppt, Leslie Blevins-PublicImage.pptx, Lora Gordon-6-Youth Service - Rotaract Program.ppt, Mary Keely-Stewardship Committee for DTTS.ppt, Paula Alston-Membership DTTS 2017.ppt, Rachel-DC-Gatewood-1 - DTTS 2017 - District Grants (RacheldelCGatewood)1.pptx, Robert Adams-RYLA DTTS.ppt, Steve Lilly-2017_PPT_Paul Harris Society_Steve Lilly 5 Version 2 Final.ppt, Steve Lilly-Rotary Reimbursement Voucher 022115rev11.doc, Tamara Ridenour-2017_PPT_Skelton-Jones.ppt, Tom-Duval-RYE Slide Show for DTTS 2017.pptx, Tom-Duval-Secretary presentation - DTTS 2017.ppt, Traci Blido-Our Service Priority_Polio_Traci1.ppt, Walter Hughes-Summary Techiman Ghana GG 42172 Water Jug Grant 1 Feb 2017.doc, Witt-Krumm-14 Youth Protection DTTS Feb. 25 2017 7570.pptx View
Training - PETS 20170000-PETS-2017-Welcome-Banner.jpg, 000-PETS 2017 Agenda-Final.pdf, 000-PETS Presenters List 2017.xlsx, 00-4-Way-Test-2.jpg, 00-American-Flag-005-1.778.jpg, 00-Code-of-Conduct.jpg, 00-Object-of-Rotary.jpg, 00-Rotary-Theme.jpg, 00-Rotary-Theme-2017-2018-RI-Theme-T1718EN_PMS-C.jpg, 00-The-Governor-Chris-2016-17.jpg, 00-The-Governors-Elect-2017-18-19.jpg, 0-2017-2018-RI-Theme-2017-2018-Ian-Riseley.jpg, 0-AGs-2017-18.jpg, 0-Be-A-Vibrant-Club.pdf, 0-PETS-Resource-Manual-17767757530114496792.pdf, 0-ROANOKE RESTAURANTS for PETS.docx, 1a - Handout List - PETS2017.docx, 1a - Welcome to District 7570 President.docx, 1b - Ian Riseley Letter.pdf, 1c - DG Richard Visit Information.docx, 2 - HR_MEETING_FLOOR_PLANS.pdf, 3a - Agenda PETS2017.pdf, 3b - Agenda CTT2017 - Training Tracks w course descriptions.pdf, 4 - Leadership Contact Information 2017-18.xlsx, 5a - Leadership & Service Plan D7570 2017-18.pdf, 5b - Leadership Plan - D7570 Your Club.pdf, 6a - Awards - District 7570 Gold Club 2017-18 Criteria_Electives.pdf, 6b - Awards - 900en17-18_theme_citation_brochure copy.pdf, 7a - Youth Protection Policy March 2017 (3).pdf, 7b - Youth Protection Policy Release Form.pdf, 8a - Public Image - Zone33PublicImageCitation2017-18 Prelim Guidance.pdf, 8b - Public Image - ZoneClubVideoContest17-18 PrelimGuidance.pdf, 9 - CTT Training Tracks w course descriptions1.pdf, 9a - Program - GSE.docx, 9b - Program - SJ Scholar.pdf, 9c - Program - NewGen.docx, 9-CTT Training Tracks and instructors @ 3-23-17.xlsx, 9-CTT Training Tracks and instructors revised (color-coded) with.xlsx, 9-CTT Training Tracks w course descriptions1.pdf, 9d - Program - RYLA.docx, 9-D7570 Gold Club Criteria_2017-18.pdf, 9-Pre-PETS Agenda for AGs.pdf, 9-Pre-PETS Topics & Goals for PEs.pdf, 10 - Calendar - Rotary 7570 18-month calendar to June 2018 for Club PEs.docx, 11a - Flyer - D7570 Area Challenge_PintsForPolio.pdf, 11b - Flyer - WGM Notice TEMPLATE.docx, 11c - Flyer - TRF Top 3.docx, 11d - Flyer - Rotary District 7570 banquet.pdf, 11e - Flyer - E-Learning Channel.docx, 11f - Flyer - FaceThePies.pdf, 11g - Flyer - District Conference Save the Date for PETS.pdf, 12a - DLA - 2017-18 Proposed PP Changes .pdf, 12b - DLA - 2017-18 Proposed Budget .pdf, Ambre-Torbett-2017 DTTS Interact Committee slides - Torbett.ppt, Bob-Keely-District 7570 Final Strategic Plan (2-1-2017).pdf, Lee-Beam-2017 PPT Paul Harris Society for PETS & CTT.ppt, Janet-Johnson-Endowment and Planned Giving.ppt, Janet-Johnson-Skelton Endowment Brochure Final.pdf, Janet-Johnson-Skelton Jones Scholarships Brochure Feb 2017.pdf, Leslie-Blevins-PETS Public Image 2017.ppt, Nina-Beth-IA2017_Riseley Theme Reveal.mp4, Paua-Alston-Membership CTT 2017.ppt, Paua-Alston-Membership PETS 2017.ppt, Tara-McCall-MICROSOFT-CHARGER-2.JPG, Traci-Blido-Our Service Priority_Polio_Traci.ppt, Whit-Krumm-PETS APRIL 7 2017 7570.pptx, Whit-Krumm-Youth Protection Policy-Revised-170308.doc, Whit-Krumm-Youth Protection Policy-Revised-170308.pdf, Woody-Sadler-GSE-Biographical Data Form.doc, Woody-Sadler-GSE-Certification of Insurance for GSE Team Members and Team Leader.doc, Woody-Sadler-GSE-GSE Team Leader Application Word document.docx, Woody-Sadler-GSE-GSE Team Member Application.docx, Woody-Sadler-GSE-Medical Certificate for GSE Team Members and Team Leader.doc View
Youth Service Committees2018-19 Country Selection List.pdf, Rotary Youth Exchange Study Abroad Info.pdf, 2013 Background Check Waiver and Consent Form2.pdf, 2013 Rotary Four Way Test Speech Contest Registration Material, 2013 Rotary Youth Leadership Registration Material, InteractHandbook-08092010-654en.pdf, Rotaract-Contact Information Update 2011-12.pdf, RotaractHandbook-04302008-562en.pdf, Rotary District 7570 Photo Release Form.pdf, YouthExchange-08112008-746en.pdf, Youth Exchange-A Guide For Host Families-11242009-749en.pdf View
Youth Services - Youth ProtectionClub-Youth-Protection-Policy-Presentation-170803.ppt, Youth Protection Policy-Revised-170308.doc, Youth Protection Policy-Revised-170308.pdf, Abuse and Harassment Prevention Training Manual and Leaders Guide-07062011-775en.pdf, interact_youth_protection_en.pdf, rotaract_youth_protection_en.pdf, ryla_youth_protection_en.pdf, YE321 - Student Protection waiver 7-131.doc, Youth Protection Certification Affidavit.pdf, Youth Protection PowerPoint View
Z-Archive - ========================================================== View
Z-Archive - Training - DTTS 2011Ambassadorial Scholarships.ppt, District Goals_2010-2011.doc, DTTS Club Reporting Power Point.pptx, DTTS Roles and Responsibilities_AGs.ppt, DTTS Roles and Responsibilities_Committee Chairs.ppt, Grants.ppt, Membership.pptx, Strategic Planning.ppt, The Rotary Foundation and Group Study Exchange.ppt, The Rotary Foundation.ppt, Treasury Finance Presentation.ppt, Using the District Database - Communications Rotary.ppt View
Z-Archive - Training - DTTS 20122012_DTTS_Foundation_APF_presentation-LeeBeam_021212.ppt, 2012-2013_Foundation_goal_form.pdf, A new approach to Rotary.pdf, AssistantGovernorsandTheRotaryFoundation_DTTS2012-LeeBeam-021212.doc, Basic Attendance Requirements.doc, Blacksburg_Rotary_Club_092211.ppt, Blank.doc, ChristiansburgBlacksburg_Rotary_Club_101711.ppt, DTTS Participants.doc, DTTS Participants1.doc, DTTS-ClubSecretaryRespons030312 (2).ppt, DTTS-ClubSecretaryRespons030312.ppt, Membership.doc, New Club Forms.pdf, Organizing New Clubs.pdf, Reference Guide Format.pdf, Reference Guide Format1.doc, RYLA 2011 Highlights.pdf, RYLA Alumni Leadership Award Nomination Summary 2012.pdf, RYLA and Speech Contest Contact Information.pdf, RYLA and Speech Contest General Information Sheet 2012.pdf, Sponsoring Club Registration Information Sheet 2012.pdf, TRF-GSE for DTTS- 3-1-12.ppt, 2012-DTTS-GailBillingsley-Scholarships.pptx, DTTS 2012 Survey Completion.ppt, 2012-Final-DTTS-agenda-r6.pdf, Treasury Finance Presentation Feb 2012 Final Version.ppt, Strategic Planning for AGs and Clubs.ppt, strategic_planning_guide_en1.doc, Rotary On The WEB-1024x768-120301-Rev3.ppt, DTTS-TheRotaryFoundation-Grants-WalterHughes-030312.ppt, Rotary District 7570 PP.pptx, RotaryMembershipPowerPoint2012.pptx, Joe Fergusons Lunch Speach-ENGAGING CLUB PRESIDENTS.doc, Feb2012District Team Training Seminar11.ppt View
Z-Archive - Training - DTTS 2013Strategic Planning, GSE, Membership, Youth Protection (23meg), Foundation, Rotary Moment, DTTS-Agenda, Rotaract, Rotary On The Web (37meg), Scholarships, Grants, RI 2013-2014 Theme, 4-way-test-2.jpg, DropBox Criminal Background Check, Teamwork, Youth Exchange, Interact, Goals for RI and District 7570 for 2012.pdf View
Z-Archive - Training - DTTS 20142014DTTSFinalAgenda-140125.pdf, 2014-DTTS 2014 Master1.ppt, 2014-Rotary-2014-theme-official.jpg, 2014-Rotary-Light-Up-Rotary-71T09e+6u3L.jpg, AaronG-Rotary 7570 18-month calendar current10-140206.pdf, AlC-Tips for PresidentsDTTS 2014 Master.pptx, AlexW-DTTS 2014.ppt, Banners-District-DTTS 2014.ppt, Gene Moorhead-New Rotary Member Expectations.pdf, Glenn-DISTRICT 7570 YOUTH PROTECTION POLICY-140206.pdf, Glenn-DTTS 2014 Master Youth Protection.pptx, Global_Grants_Scholar_and_Vocational_Training_Team_Member_Predeparture_Orientation_en.ppt, JoanneW-LeeB-DTTS 2014 End Polio Now.pptx, JohnV-Dear Club President.docx, LaurieM-2014 DTTS_MEMBERSHIP.ppt, List2014AGs.docx, MelanieH-DTTS 2014 Master POWER POINT PRESENTATION1.ppt, Melanie-INTERACT-HANDBOOK-BOOK-654-EN-140202.pdf, MikeM-DTTS 2014 VTT .pdf, MikeM-DTTS 2014 VTT .ppt, RickF-District-Database-DTTS 2014.ppt, RonF-DTTS 2014 Financial Matters.pptx, RuthA-DTTS 2014 Youth Exchange.ppsx, Shelley-DTTS 2014 Foundation Presentation 2.10.14.pptx, WalterH-Dream BIg to Change the World 29 Feb 2014.docx, DickRay D7570 DTTS ClubCentralFinal 2.28.14.pptx, GlenM-RYLA 2013 Group.jpg, GlenM-RYLA_LOGO.jpg, JoeF-Attrributes of Leadership-REV 021014.docx, SusanS-Rotary2014.pptx, VivianC-DTTS Theme&Goals 2014 (Vivian).pdf, VivianC-DTTS-2014 Communication (Vivian).pdf View
Z-Archive - Training - DTTS 2015RI Theme 2015-2016.jpg, 2015-DTTS_AGENDA_02202015.pdf, 2015_PPT_District-IT.ppt, GCA_2015-16.pdf, GCA_2015-16.xlsx, 4WAYTEST.ppt, 2015 DTTS LEADERSHIP.pdf, 2015 RYLA Information and Fact Sheet.doc, 2015_PPT_Master1.ppt, Aaron-2015 DTTS Membership.pptx, Banners-District-DTTS 2015.ppt, Barb-2015 Rotary Informer.ppt, DG-2015-Collaborative Grants Guidelines 2015-16.pdf, DG-2015-District Grant Guidelines 2015-16.pdf, Joe-2015 DTTS LEADERSHIP.ppt, Laura-2015_PPT_Rotaract.ppt, OBJECT OF ROTARY.ppt, Ron-2015 DTT_TRF Overview 022715.ppt, Ron-2015 DTTS Foundation PP_022715.ppt, RYE-Slide Show for 2015 DTTS.pptx, RYLA-Robert DTTS.ppt View
Z-Archive - Training - DTTS 2016[topic-or-comittee]-[presenter name]-[day]-DTTS-V2.11.pptx, ABC's of Rotary.pdf, Checklist to assist AGs, AG Manual.pdf, AG18MonthCalendarDistrict 7570 v.2016-17.docx, Andy-Public Image DTTS Presentation - Andy Vanhook REV.pptx, Chris - Closing Presentation.ppt, Chris-DTTS Budget Presentation - 3-4-16.pptx, Chris-Jennifer-Runion-IMG_2246tu.jpg, Club Leadership Plan - Be a Vibrant Club.pdf, D7570 Gold Club 2016-17 Mandatory, Elective, Comprehensive.pdf, D7570 Gold Club 2016-17.xlsx, DFC-1 Reimbursement Guidelines.doc, Downloading Foundation Reports from Rotary International 2014.doc, Training Agenda, Ernie-Rotary Friendship Exchange DTTS and PETS1.pptx, Identifying Club Officers on District database.doc, Induction of Members 2.pdf, Induction of Members.pdf, Install of Officers.pdf, memb_termination_profile.pdf, NondemoninationalInvocations for clubs.pdf, Paula-Membership DTTS 2016.pptx, PHF_recognition.doc, Robert-2015 RYLA PP.ppt, Ron-Foundation-DTTS-2016-PP.pps, Ross-Youth-Protection-DTTS March 4 2016 7570.pptx, Rotary Club Central Guide (Annual Fund Goal).pdf, Rotary Foundation info on District website February 2015.docx, Rotary-Club-Administration-Committee-Manual-226a_en.pdf, Rotary-Club-Be-A-Vibrant-Club-In-North-America-245EN-A.pdf, Rotary-Club-Foundation-Committee-Manual-226e_en.pdf, Rotary-Club-Membership-Committee-Manual-226b_en.pdf, Rotary-Club-Membership-Strenthening-Your-Membership-417en.pdf, Rotary-Club-New-Rotary-Club-Quick-Start-Guide-808en.pdf, Rotary-Club-President-Manual-222en.pdf, Rotary-Club-President-Your-Job-As-Club-President-222en.pdf, Rotary-Club-Public-Relations-Committee-Manual-226c_en.pdf, Rotary-Club-Secretary-Manual-229en.pdf, Rotary-Club-Service-Projects-Committee-Manual-226d_en.pdf, Rotary-Club-Treasurer-Manual-220en.pdf, Rotary-District-DACdb_QuickStart.pdf, Rotary-District-DaCdb-Flyer-2015-DACdb_Flyer Final.pdf, Rotary-International-Code-Of-Policies-code_ri_current.pdf, Rotary-International-Foundation-Code-Of-Policies-trf_code.pdf, Rotary-International-Foundation-Rotary-Direct-Contribution-Form_en.pdf, Rotary-International-Foundation-Rotary-Direct-FAQ_en.pdf, Rotary-International-Foundaton-Contribution-Form-123en.pdf, Rotary-International-Logo-Normal-RotaryMBS_RGB.jpg, Rotary-International-Logo-Normal-Transparent-Background-RotaryMBS_RGB.png, Rotary-International-Logo-Reverse.jpg, Rotary-International-Logo-Reverse-Transparent-Background.png, Rotary-International-Logo-Theme-2016-theme-trans.png, Rotary-International-Logo-Visual-Idenity-Guide-547Hen.pdf, Rotary-Manual-Of-Procedure-035en.pdf, Rotary-New-Member-Orientation-414en.pdf, Rotary-Theme-2016-17-T1617_EN-pad.jpg, Submitting Rotary Foundation Contributions through the Database 2014.doc, Tom-RYE-DTTS 2016.pptx View
Z-Archive - Training - PETS 2011PETS 2011 Woody_Sadler.pptx, PETS Agenda 2011.doc, PETS PETS_CLUBMANAGEMENT.ppt, PETS_ Ambassadorial Scholarships_Christy Brown.pptx, PETS_ District Awards_Rosalyn Lester.pptx, PETS_ Financial Matters_Ron Ferrill.ppt, PETS_ Membership_ Mike Browder.pptx, PETS_ Rotaract_Tom Bell.pptx, PETS_ Rotary Leadership Institute_Ned Lester.pptx, PETS_ Rotary Youth Exchange_Ruth Arnold.pptx, PETS_ The Rotary Foundation_ Lee_Beam.pptx, PETS_Club Reporting_ Joe Ferguson.pptx, PETS_Communications_Mary Miller.pptx, PETS_The Rotary Foundation_ Dave_Morman.pptx, Reversing a Membership Freefall.pdf, Rotary Theme 2011 1 screen.pptx, RYLA and DAAP PowerPoint PETS.pptx, Why Are Effective Clubs Effective.pdf View
Z-Archive - Training - PETS 20122012_PETS_CLUBMANAGEMENT_WILKINS[1].ppt, A new approach to Rotary.pdf, New Club Forms.pdf, Organizing New Clubs.pdf, PETS Club Secretary Reporting.ppt, TRF-GSE for PETS- 4-14-121.ppt, PETS 2012 Survey Completion.ppt, Goals for RI and District 7570 for 2012.pdf, PETS presentation for Rotary Informer newsletter.pptx, Rotary NL Formating guidlines.pdf, Rotary_Foundation_Annual_Giving_PETS presentation_Lee_Beam_PETS2012.ppt, Rotary On The WEB-PETS-1024x768-120403-Rev1.ppt, 2012PETS AgendaFinal 2012 draft (2)2.pdf, Goals and Priorities1.ppt, PETS Training by Walter Hughes April 13 2012.pptx, Financial Matters2012PETS.ppt, Why I am a Rotarian chesapeake Dist. Conf..pptx, 2012-DTTS-GailBillingsley-Scholarships1.pptx, CART for Rotary District 7570.ppt, FrankDean-WheelchairProgram.pdf, Agenda 2012 DLA.pdf View
Z-Archive - Training - PETS 2013D7570 Operating Budget 2013-2014 v031813 with Finance Committee changes - Final2.xls, 2013 PETS SHOW_Scholarships.ppt, 2013-2014 Presidential Citation.pdf, A Wilkins PETS.ppt, D7570 Club Reference Links 2013-2014r2a.doc, Janet-2013 PETS Foundation.ppt, Joe-clbsecnotebook1314word.doc, Lee-2013_PETS_Foundation_AF_presentation-LeeBeam_03.01.13.ppt, Melanie-2013_DTTS_Interact.ppt, Ned-2013_PETS_TEMPLATE-CentennialCelebration.ppt, PETS 2013 Agenda v14.pdf,, Rick-2013 PETS_IT-130325.pptx, RonF-Financial Matters 2013 PETS.ppt, Rosalyn-Rotary-District Coinference Awards-r2.pdf, PETS 2013 Grants Thomas Rea.pptx, Abe-2013RotaryMembershipPETS.pptx, 2013 Club and District Admin-Reporting Procedures.ppt View
Z-Archive - Training - PETS 20142014-PETS-Agenda-PET_DLA_update-Final-140322.docx, 2014-PETS-Banners-PETS-2014-Master.ppt, Agenda-2014-PETS-Agenda-PET_DLA_FinalUpdate-140323 (2).docx, BarbaraN-Newsletter-PETS-2014-District-Newsletter.ppt, District-7570-PE-Calendar.docx, GlenM-RYLA 2013 Group.jpg, GlennM-2014-RYLA-Information-and-Fact-Sheet.pdf, GlennM-Youth-Protection-FINAL DISTRICT 7570 YOUTH PROTECTION POLICY1.pdf, GlennM-Youth-Protection-PETS-2014-Youth-Protection.ppt, JoeF-2014clubsecretarytrainagenda.doc, JoeF-clbsecnotebook1415word.docx, JoeF-Club-Reporting-2014-PETS-2014-Master.ppt, MikeM-PETS 2014 VTT.pdf, PETS 2014 Master.ppt, Polio-PETS 2014 End Polio Now.pptx, RickF-District-Database-PETS-2014-Master-rev1.pptx, RonF-Financial-Matters-2014-PETS.ppt, ShelleyB-Foundation-PETS 2014.ppt, TravisV-PETS. 2014. Travis Vance. Presentation (14004123).PPTX, Vivian-PETS-2014-Communication.pdf, Vivian-PETS-2014-ThemeGoals.pdf, Ghana Slideshow.exe, Seeing Need for Ghana.mp4, LaurieM-PETS 2014 Membership1.ppt View
Z-Archive - Training - PETS 2015RI Theme 2015-2016.jpg, Beth-Interact-2015_PETS MASTER POWERPOINT.ppt, Joe-PETS 2015 Planned Giving.ppt, PETS Agenda.pdf, Rick-Web-2015_PPT.ppt, 900A_en15 - Presidential Citation 2015-16.pdf, Alex-PETS2015 - Paula_Ron_Sue.ppt, Barbara-2015 Rotary Informer for PETS.ppt, Jim-2015_Financial Matters.ppt, Joe-PETS Membership and Attendance Reporting.ppt, Tammy-Public Image 2015.pptx, Vanessa-Ms V VaTech presentation.pptx, Aaron-2015 PETS Membership.pptx, ALPHABET SOUP - BETH.pptx, Banner-2015_PPT_Master.ppt, Dick-2015_PPT_DRAY.ppt, Laura-2015_PPT_Rotaract.ppt, Melanie-Interact-2015_PETS MASTER POWERPOINT.ppt, Paula-7570 PETS 2015 powerpoint.pptx, Paula-Ron-Sue-Intro-PETS2015 - Paula_Ron_Sue.ppt, Robert-RYLA DTTS.ppt, Ron-2015 D7570_PETS_TRF_ 41015 RRFC.ppt, Ron-2015 PETS_TRF Overview 041015.ppt, RonM-PETS2015 - PolioPlus - Friday, April 10 - RMabry.ppt, Shelley-Foundation-2015 PETS.ppt, Sue-ClubPR-7570PETS2015.pptx, Vanessa-Intro-PETS2015 - Vanessa.ppt, Vanessa-The Power of Words.mp4, We_Are_This_Close-Mobile.wmv View
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