District Conference Awards

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District Conference Award Program 2020-21


  • Listed Awards are linked to Award Criteria
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  • Recognizes Clubs and Individuals for:

Outstanding Service (Application Deadline February 1, 2021):
      Club Service
      Club Partnership Service
      Community Service
      International Service
      Vocational Service
      Youth Activities

Outstanding Public Image (Application Deadline February 1, 2021):
      Club Bulletin
      Club Social Media
      Club Web Site
      Douglas A. Newton: Excellence in Communication
      Public Image

Outstanding Participation (based on Club Statistics):
      Club Attendance
      Conference Attendance
      Membership Growth
      110% Award


Submit a District Award

Application Deadline: Feb 1st, 2021

  • Each Club may submit ONE application for each award.
  • Award Descriptions include points awarded by judges.
  • Collect all this information with this paper form then fill in the Application above.

Template:  District Conference Award Application Template (.pdf)



2020 District Award Winners:  

Award Winners 2020 (.pdf)

Award Winners Applications

Award 2nd Place Applications

2019 District Award Winners:

Award Winners 2019 (.jpg)

Award Winners Applications

2018 District Award Winners:

Award Winners 2018 (.pdf)

Award Winners Applications

Award 2nd Place Applications

2017 District Award Winners:

Award Winners 2017 (.pdf)

Award Winners Applications

2016 District Award Winners:

Award Winners 2016 (.pdf)

Award Winners Applications

2015 District Award Winners:

Award Winners 2015 (.docx)

Award Winners Applications


2014 District Award Winners:

Award Winners 2014 (.docx)

Award Winners Applications

2013 District Award 2013 Winners:

Award Winners 2013 (.pdf)

Award Winners Applications 



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